The Soleil Stone

A Soleil diamond is the product of journey, where its story forms part of your story.

From across the globe, passed through the hands of our expert cutters and jewellers, the Soleil diamond finds its way home to you.  The Soleil Diamond starts its life as a rough crystal stone amongst many mined in vast quantities. With trained eyes, from these vast quantities, a few are selected based on their premium suitability.

Our global partners, the Diamond Trade Company, are responsible for the largest proportion of the world’s sorting and distribution of rough diamonds. As an affiliate of the Diamond Trade Company, among only 84 globally, we have access to some of the highest quality rough on the market. After sourcing rough through the long established diamond market in Antwerp, the rough undergoes the most important process to date – the cut.

The perfect cut.

The cutting of diamonds requires skill and expertise. The cutting of the mined rough reveals the Soleil diamond. While others sacrifice cut in favour of carat size, we do not compromise. We are prepared to sacrifice the size of the stone in order reveal the brightest, most brilliant Soleil diamond. Each diamond is awarded a ‘cut grade’ depending on how skillfully the stone has been cut. The Soleil diamond’s cut grade, sits on the highest tiers, either very good or excellent

In technical terms, the cut grade is a determined by measuring the diamond’s brilliance, fire and scintillation. Brilliance is the measure of how the diamond reflects light, with the brightest stones being those where precision positioning of each facet is considered. Fire is a measure of how the diamond collects light and returns a myriad of colours to the eye of the beholder. Scintillation is the measure of a diamond’s sparkle; how it catches the light even when still. By ensuring the highest standards of cut, the Soleil Diamond is one of outstanding brilliance, fire and scintillation – the essential qualities for the brightest, most beautiful diamonds.

A truly natural beauty. 

Our cutters make use of modern technology to determine how to uncover a stone’s brilliance. The natural beauty of a Soleil diamond is never altered, but rather is revealed through skillful cutting technique. The rough that is found beneath the earth is the same stone, untreated and natural, that is set for you. The light-filled Soleil Diamond is set by our trusted jewellers to do their brightness and natural, untreated beauty proper justice. The culmination of many days work is a diamond that perfectly reflects a timeless promise.

Not merely a ring, a Soleil Diamond reflects for generations to come the love between the wearer and the giver

Soleil Diamonds.
Bringing light to your promise.

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