The Soleil Promise

The Soleil Diamond comes with a promise from us to you.

A stone’s colour, clarity and carat weight is certified in line with the globally recognised certification standards. The Soleil Diamond’s natural qualities are never tampered with. You can be assured that no treatment or other augmentation of the original characteristics of the stone has occurred.

Just like the wearer, the Soleil Diamond is a truly natural beauty.

The Soleil Diamond, set apart.

Not every diamond is the same. A Soleil Diamond is truly set apart.

Our approach to diamonds is unlike many others. Our priority is to showcase the natural beauty of each stone by cutting to ideal proportions. While some would cut less rough away to preserve the carat weight, a Soleil Diamond is cut in a way that reveals its inherent natural brilliance and brightness. While for some the size of a diamond is the most important consideration, a discerning buyer will consider the clarity, colour and most importantly, the cut, above the size. The Soleil Diamond’s beauty comes from its ability to transform light, herein lies its superiority.

A Soleil Diamond’s cut reveals its intense sparkle, the noticing of which is inescapable.

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