The Wedding Files / An Autumn Affair



For those of us lucky enough to live in Australia, despite loving every minute of summertime, we are eagerly anticipating the cool change that March will (may) bring. All this cold weather contemplation has got us considering the perfect autumn wedding colour palette. In true #soleilstyle an autumn wedding would naturally incorporate gilded elements.

#1 – We love this Viktoria Novak gilded leaf crown that we think would suit an autumn wedding to a tee. Maybe like us you are looking for a chic alternative to the flower crown; we think this crown would be the perfect alternative for the Soleil bride. [Photography by New Zealand’s Jake Thomas.]

#2 – To us this bouquet (and floral colour palette) by Los Angeles’ Little Branch, is the natural choice for an autumn wedding. If we are honest this whole wedding, styled by Amber Events, was pretty much what we had in mind. [Photography by Studio Castillero.]

#3 – The gown by one of favourites, Rue De Seine, kind of speaks for itself here. The styling of this shoot with the rich berry tones and tousled hair is stunning. [Photography by New Zealand’s Jessica Sim.]

#4 – Another styling element from the LA wedding styled by Amber Events that we are enamoured with.

#5 – Every wedding needs a Soleil Diamond and this is one of our favourites (they are all our favourites).

#6 – Another autumn floral inspiration, because you should all know by now that aside from diamonds, flowers are our favourite.


#7 – What kind of wedding would it be without dessert? This cake by Andi Freeman fits with our vision of a autumn wedding cake perfectly.

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