We’d like to introduce ourselves.


When you receive a Soleil Diamond you become part of story over 40 years in the making. From humble beginnings, the team behind Soleil Diamonds has become one of the largest Diamond merchant in Australia. We are proud to bring our passion and experience to you now in the form of our exclusive brand, Soleil Diamonds.

There are a few things you should come to expect from Soleil Diamonds.

We are not just jewellers.

We are experienced, skilled diamond merchants who know diamonds better than anyone. Our years of experience supplying stones to clients all around the world helps us to understand what people want in an engagement ring – timelessness, brightness and beauty. A Soleil diamond is all of those things.

We are proudly Australian.

We understand that Australian women value natural beauty and that is why we ensure that the Soleil Diamond remains a truly natural beauty from rough to round.

We know quality.

We know that an engagement ring or wedding band will stay in your family for many years to come passed from one generation to the next. The Soleil Diamond Collection feature pieces that will continue to inspire and excite and their style and workmanship will endue for generations.

We hope that a Soleil Diamond becomes part of your story in bringing light to your promise.

View our debut collection here.

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