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modern-simplicity Sometimes it’s the simple things that create the greatest impact.

We are embracing the notion of ‘less is more’ this month. Modern simplicity need not be boring, but rather if executed well, a minimal aesthetic can add elegance and timelessness to your wedding day.

#1 – A classic 0.50ct princess cut diamond on a white gold band. Our ‘Amour’ ring will hold its appeal for generations to come.

#2 – The French know a little bit about making a statement with simplicity. We love the style of wedding dress designers extraordinare, Carnets de Marriage, and this gown is a definite favourite of ours.

#3 – We think that this bride epitomises the grace and style that every bride wants on their wedding day. Her dress, veil and hair will  surely fail to go out of fashion.

#4 – When is comes to the fleurs, we advocate for crisp whites, vibrant greens and neutral tones to add to the fresh colour palette. We loved how full this bouquet was, proving that you don’t have to go bright to be bold.

Side note: Dixie Pixel Photography, featuring the work of Tara Kneiser, is a visual treat that is sure to inspire your wedding planning.

#5 – You can do no wrong when the groom wears a classic black dinner suit, white shirt and black bow tie. Also, it looks amazing in black & white (case in point, this wedding).

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